North London Foot & Ankle and Sports Injuries Clinic

Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Spire Bushey Hospital
Kings Oak Hospital
BMI Cavell Hospital
Highgate Hospital

Private Secretary
Mrs Mary Zazzi
Tel: 0208 920 2507

NHS Secretary
Mrs Rubeka Orchudesh
Tel: 0208 216 4373

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Pinak Ray

Mr Pinak Ray is delighted to welcome you to his website.

This website aims to inform all patients and healthcare professionals about Mr Ray's practice of foot and ankle surgery and sports injuries in North London.

Mr Ray practices in a number of private hospitals in North London covering a large geographical area.

Mr Ray's NHS base is the Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital Trust.

Mr Ray is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing in North London and is delighted to see patients and advice on all aspects of Foot and ankle problems and sports related injuries of the lower limb.


Bunion (Hallux Valgus)
Hallux rigidus
Hammer toe, claw toe deformity
Mortons Neuroma
Flat feet
Cavus of high arched feet
Heel pain and plantar fascitis


Arthritis for Arthroscopy
Arthritis for ankle replacement
Arthritis for ankle fusion
Achilles tendon dysfunction
Anterior ankle impingement
Posterior ankle impingement

Sports injury

Injuries around the knee
Meniscal injury
Anterior crutiate ligament injury
Osteochondral defects
Fractures around the knee

Injuries of the ankle

Ligament injury leading to ankle instability
Osteochondral defect of the talus
Ankle fractures
Peroneal tendon injuries

Injuries of the foot

Metatarsal fractures
Calcaneal fractures
Talar fractures
Stress fractures of the foot
Phalangeal fracures

Private Clinis

Monday PM
 - Kings Oak Hospital

Monday EVE
 - Highgate Hospital

Tuesday EVE
 - Spire Bushey Hospital

Wednesday Eve
 - Kings Oak Hospital

Thursday Eve
 - Cavell Hospital

Private Operating Sessions

Monday AM
 - Highgate Hospital

Friday AM
 - Spire Bushey and
    BMI Cavell Hospital
    (alternate weekend)